Groomify™ - The Ultimate Cat Gadget

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Finally, a useful gift that your cat will LOVE!

Tired of your cats hair floating around the house? This is the answer.

The best part is.... your cat will absolutely love it!

  • Extremely Limited Restock - This is one of the best selling cat products on the market, we've been having trouble keeping this in stock!
  • Built In Catnip Dispenser - Keep your cat occupied for hours with the combination of the massage and the lovely smell of Catnip. Your purchase comes with Free Catnip! 
  • Built To Last - Incredibly durable and will be around for a long time.
  • Free Worldwide Shipping: 100% Free Standard Insured Shipping anywhere in the World, we've got you covered.
  • 30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee: After you receive it, we're so certain you will love it that If you don't, you can send it back. No Hassle. For a full refund.